Negative Spaces

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These assignments were done to enforce the concept of “negative space.” That is, drawing the space around the subject rather than the subject itself to help trick the brain into not trying to take over and draw what it thinks the subject should look like. First I had to draw a chair (“chair1”), and I wasn’t super thrilled. It would help if we had a chair with more negative spaces. Then I drew another chair (chair2) and it was better. Then we had to copy two drawings, again, just starting with the negative spaces. The first is of a child seated in a wicker chair by Winslow Homer. I had to first draw all those gaps in the back of the chair and around the chair and then fill in the details of the rest of the drawing. This one took forever!The second drawing is of arms and legs and the negative spaces were drawn upside down, then the drawing was flipped right-side up to fill in the details.